Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Insecurities

373.jpg picture by Angeicutee444

Hannah Montana starlet, Miley Cyrus, told the latest issue of Kewl Magazine that she feels insecure; just like a lot of us! She really loves her hair, but she hates her long legs and her signature smile. Newly changed name, Miley Ray Cyrus said:

“I don’t like myself so much right now, but every girl feels that way… I pick on myself and everyone will go, ‘Oh my gosh, Miley! If I could one thing on your body it would be your long, long legs.’ I hate my long, long legs. Or it would be, ‘Miley, I love your smile.’ Well, I don’t like it.”

What would you say Miley actually likes about herself? You can cross her name-making smile off the list.

“I got lucky. I’ve got great hair like my dad! One thing so many people say is, ‘I don’t really care about what people think.’ I hate when they say that, if they really don’t mean it! That’s something that I really kinda of just go with the flow on. I don’t really try to impress anyone else. It feels good!”

Would you expect this from Hannah Montana? The girl who wears sparkly clothing, with all her confidence to go on tour for such a long time?


One Response to Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Insecurities

  1. brad saunders says:

    miley you rule! i love listening to your music its great! but you have got to tell the people that say this stuff its youer life your body they cant live your life for you!

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