20 Random Questions For JB


1. If you lived in a supermarket, which aisle would you choose to live in?
We would definitely live in the candy aisle, or maybe the cereal aisle.

2. Nick: Apart from God and your family, is there anyone who really inspires you?
Elvis Costello inspires me as a musician. That he has lasted for so many years and has stayed true to who he was from the beginning.

3. Kevin: What was the first song you ever learned on your guitar?
I learned 3×5 by John Mayer.

4. Joe: What’s your most played song on your iPod?
D.A.N.C.E. by Justice

5. If you guys had to be turned into an animal or a mythical creature for the rest of your lives what would you be?
Kevin – Wolf
Nick – Fox
Joe – Tiger

6. What was the craziest thing that a fan ever did?
Try to sneak into a radio station at 3 in the morning and wait under the desk so when we walked in she could finally meet us. Intense.

7. I’m from Mexico and I would like to ask you if you would like to say something to all your fans who are not really near you and can’t really get to your concerts as easily as the people in the States can, but still, are HUGE fans of yours and are always there to support you (even if we are so far away!)
Hello everyone in Mexico (and everywhere around the world!). You are amazing and we love you so much. Thank you so much for all your support and we hope we get to visit all of your countries soon. It is our dream to be an international band, we hope we get the opportunity! Thank you so much and we will see you soon!!

8. If you guys were stranded on an island and could only bring one object each, what would it be?
Kevin – Never ending gob stopper from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Nick – my Bible
Joe – a book ‘how to survive a deserted island’

9. What superhero ability would you like to have? Kevin – I would love to fly of course but be able to run really fast would be awesome.
Joe – Shoot ninja stars form my finger tips.
Nick – All of Superman’s powers

10. Who are your favorite celebs (male or female) that you wish to meet someday?
Rob and Big. Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Craig, Natalie Portman.

11. Now that you guys live in LA, what do you miss most about New Jersey?
Ritas ice cream

12. Which historical figure who has changed the world for the better do you admire the most?
President Lincoln. He made this country into what it is today.

13. Favorite cereal?
Mini wheats, captain crunch, lucky charms

14. If you had a choice of naming yourselves, when you were first born, what names would you give yourselves? (First and middle name)
Joe – James Bond.
Kevin – I. C. Spots.
Nick – The President

15. If you had to eat one type of food for a whole year, what would it be?
My grandma’s home made pizza

16. If you could bring one person back from the dead and have a conversation with them who would you bring and why?
Jimmy Hendrix – his influence on music was world renown and more people know about him now than they did back then. I would love to see what he thought back in the day.

17. If you could create a new planet, what would be it be called and what would the aliens/creatures that lived there look like? (And a bonus: Give an example of how they ‘talk’)
The planet’s name would be “you wish your planet was as cool as ours.” The aliens would have – numbers not names and all have 46 arms, and they don’t have feet they float. They also have one hair.

18. What are your Ringtones at the moment?
Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band and the iPhone Miramba ring

19. Have you ever been star struck or speechless when meeting or seeing a particular celeb?
Yes when I (Kevin) met Delta Goodrem from Australia he couldn’t talk. I was 13, so talking to any girl was a challenge

20. You seem to be big fans of Gibson Guitars, but what I want to know is, what was your first guitar you bought?
My first guitar was a Gibson Les Paul gold top. It was amazing. I bought it and still have it on tour to this day.


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