Corbin Bleu talks about HSM3


For you anxious people, who cannot wait for HSM3, wait no longer! HSM cast is currently recording the soundtrack and rehearsals for the movie are due to start in March. Corbin Bleu gave TV Guide some hints of what’s to come: “It’s [about] graduation, senior year, prom… all that goes into it. And there’s gonna be a school production as well. I have seen the first draft of the script, and [my character] Chad’s got a lot to do.” 

I think it’s a huge thing for him in this movie is: he’s leaving this world of high school and he’s been so attached to all these years- he’s gonna be pulled out of his element. That’s a pretty hard transformation. Corbin’s already feeling the difference between the small-screen. HSM’s and the new movie: “There’s obviously a bigger budget and the grandeur is on a higher scale. I know it’s felt in the music, from what we’ve heard, and I know once we start filming we’ll see the difference there, too.”


3 Responses to Corbin Bleu talks about HSM3

  1. mckale says:

    I so happy that corbin bleu is going to be high school musical 3 this yaer. so corbin bleu are you

  2. mckale says:

    you are so good at dancing and singertoo

  3. chiara says:

    corbin Ilove you

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