Nick Jonas Moved onto Alyson Stoner?


Although, there were a lot of rumors of Miley Cyrus cheating on Nick Jonas with backup dancer, Wesley Quinn, Nick doesn’t believe it. Miley admits she’s a flirty girl, but Nick knows from experience, flirting backstage doesn’t lead to cheating. However, when Twist magazine was on set at Camp Rock in Canada, they noticed a lot of chemistry between Nick [Jonas] and co-star Alyson Stoner. Nick responded: “I didn’t even know I was flirting!” Alyson [Stoner] still said she got very close with Jonas; maybe when Nick taught her how to swing a golf club helped a bit?


6 Responses to Nick Jonas Moved onto Alyson Stoner?

  1. charice says:


    i would loved to be alyson stoner! haha.

    thats good he “moved” on!

  2. MADDiE says:

    wooww…alyson stoner is really pretty and im a huge fannn…..awwww theyed be adorable together. how could someone cheat on nick jonas? its liek impossible…miley cyrus and nick made a good couple too…I LOVE YOU NICCKKK <33

  3. Gecko says:

    Nick and Alyson are not a good couple he should stay with Miley and not go with Alyson ever she should go out with Dylan spourse

  4. Emma.Jonas.Pandemoneum. says:

    I like Nick, I like Miley, I like Alyson- all artistically of course.

    They’re amazing.
    All of them.

    It’d be pretty cool if they were all close friends though.
    But I must say I’m a fan of Niley.

  5. nickluver says:

    nick u should stay with miley

  6. gaby says:

    nick should stay single

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