Rihanna and Chris Brown @ Grammy’s

Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes? I do.  Here’s what we found out: Two of music’s best performers, Rihanna and Chris Brown were getting a bit cuddly at the Grammy’s.  Both stars say they are JUST FRIENDS, but close friends and bystanders say they were acting like ‘bf/gf’. Witnesses even said Rihanna VISITED Chris on the set of his music video with Jordin Sparks; for the song “No Air.”


2 Responses to Rihanna and Chris Brown @ Grammy’s

  1. I don’t like that Chris Brown and Rihanna are at the Grammy’s but I just Love Cb’s smile and the way he looks!!!!! I am in love with Chris Brown and I always will be!!!!

  2. Vanessa hudgens says:

    I went to your concert in london the 7th of march and your the best singer in the whole wide world

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