Joe Tries Impressing A Girl…


Joe Jonas told Tigerbeat the following: “I usually make fun of myself. One time I really liked a girl, and the new Razor Scooter had just come out. It was the first day of middle school and she was walking by herself. So my plans was to go around the corner and hop the corner, jump in the air, and do it right in front of her. I hopped too early, and I fell on my face! I think it’s better to laugh at yourself.” Oh em gee, I love Joe! Comment if you agree!


30 Responses to Joe Tries Impressing A Girl…

  1. comedynews says:

    Horrible Pic. Check out my blog.

  2. disneyscoop says:

    hey, you’re not very nice.

  3. gabby says:

    ok first of all te pic is fine and second of all joe looks hot in like every single pic he takes!!! i ❤ Joe Jonas!

  4. Amber says:

    umm not 2 bad but could do without the shades

  5. x9tessa6x says:

    joe i love you ur awesome and those stunna shades are awesome ur a perfect trendsetter =]

  6. noelle says:

    hey joe jonas is so hot and that is very funny

  7. danie says:

    OMFG j0e j0nas is da hottest guy ever i luvs him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danie Kimyy April n Amanda luv da jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!

    <333 x33

  8. Jimena says:

    my name is Jimena and I love Joe JOnas is so hot if some one

  9. Jimena says:

    Hi my name is Jimena I love Joe Jonas if some one have his msn plz gave it to me. My msn is

  10. laly says:

    que lindo si tuviera su edad me caso con e jiji

  11. Melba says:

    he is so handsom i love he is the most hot boy in the world

  12. Maddy says:

    Ok. He doesn’t need to try to impress girls…..he can get them easily. BECUZ OF HIS HOTTYNESS

  13. ixzel says:

    joe estas soper guapisssimo0o0o eres el muchacho mas guapo de la tierra y gual nick eres una hermosura ojala un dia bengan a dar un consierto en la cuidad de cancu quintana roo y estan chulisimos los amo con todo mi co0ra z0n cuidense much0 bye los AMO AMO CON TODA MI ALMA BYE ATT: su admodadora numero “1” LOS AMO CUIDENSE BYE

  14. brenda paulina says:

    hi my name is brenda paulina aleman espinosa I KEVIN JONAS

  15. Parisha says:

    you cool, but not knowing a gir was not there and tried to jump on her! so not cool!

  16. KATIE says:


  17. sarah (joe loverr) says:

    haha wow joe is amazing.
    can’t wait for there july 5th concert


  18. macaa!! says:

    i love you joe you are cool!!!i hope you come to argentina !!!please come to!!!i will be in the first line !!!
    mmm awkward!!!!
    i willl steal you staff hahaha!!

    love you!!!you are godness!!

  19. i was that girl!
    lol it was hilarious, however i refused to talk to him ever again,
    the bit he left out was he was holding a cake and it flopped in my face and ive been blind ever since,

    but joe, all is forgiven and i love you very much!
    kevin is gay

  20. jessica says:

    Joe jonas is the hottest guy alive!!! Hes all mine! And kevin is not gay. He is so sweet, and joe is also very sweet! They are the best, aand they are the greatest guys eva! Infact, kevin is my 2nd fave jobro (i love all of them, but no offense nick!) I hav never sed anything bad about jb, and i never will!!! I will always be a fan!!!

  21. savannah says:

    hey i’m savannah and i thimk joe jonas sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott i love him nick is cute too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joe os sooooooo frieken fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. DIANA says:

    hola soy una gran fan de joe es un galanasso hasta me casaria con el me muero x conocerlo
    todas lasa noches lloro x conocerlo xq la vida sin el no tiene sentido esq deverda es tannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lindo q me lo comeria entetero y si x casualidad joe lee esto le quiero decir q canta b bien

  23. maddie says:

    haha. joe is so amazing! too bad it didn’t work out!
    thats awesome though.nice try joseph! joe is soo cutee

  24. kellyn says:

    so cute joe is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is sosososososossossosooso cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ruth says:

    sssssssssssssssssss que lindo joe tar re lindo mi amor

  26. Jessica says:

    he for sure impressed my

  27. anonimo says:

    te amo sos lo + segi así

  28. Nicole says:


  29. maira says:

    hola !!!! soy fanatica de los jona brothers
    y por eso dejos mis daludithos para que me
    conoscan po!!!!!


  30. suzette says:

    i love joe jonas hes so cute yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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