Miley Cyrus Looking Up To 21-Year Old BFF?

miley cyrus shark 17 

Miley Ray Cyrus was spotted getting out of the recording studio in Studio City on Tuesday.  After, Miley headed to Sharky’s restaurant. The Hannah Montana movie will hit theaters VERY late 2008 or 2009. The script is about Miley returning back to her Southern roots, but the script still isn’t finished being written. Emily Osment told M magazine that she hasn’t even read anything yet. On MileyWorld, Miley wrote a journal entry, stating that she started working on her next album! Woo, more songs like ‘See You Again’ and ‘Start All Over’!

Do you think she’s changing?


14 Responses to Miley Cyrus Looking Up To 21-Year Old BFF?

  1. miley cyrus says:

    i love myself i am so cute

  2. mike says:

    yea she is cute i want to lick her all over

  3. allison says:

    I think that she is pretty cool. just as long as she stays herself

  4. disneyscoop says:

    herdogs name is Roadie, or Rodeo. Roadie is a nickname for Rodeo

  5. Erica. says:

    Honestly, I like that she is changing. Whatever the extent of her change, I think it’s a good thing. I mean everyone grows up. I admire her for her musical passion. Personally, I don’t like Disney very much, but Miley is pretty awesome, though.

  6. ewww says:

    dont like her and never have

  7. a friend says:

    actually mandy jiroux is 17 and miley is not changing at all shes been with mandy for awhile and all that is diffrent is that we see more of them now. and the other pic of them holding hands….most girls do that so y is it diff with miley and mandy?? its not so just back off and mandy is a good person miley wouldnt be her friend if she wasnt =]!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Belaa. says:

    yes miley is 15 and mandy is 21.
    that is strange that they are best friends,
    but i think that they are awesome together.
    their show on youtube is really funny!

  9. whoa now says:

    I think mandy is pretty cool. but she’s 20, not 21. and mileys not changing, she’s growing up! good for her!! however, I do find it rather strange how in just about every picture of miley and mandy, they’re holding hands!! I know friends do that, but with them its like ALL THE TIME!! hmmm… secret lovers!? lmfao, joking.

  10. kerrigan says:

    hey miley

    how old r u turing is it 21 plzz repily thxx
    bye bye

    i love ya heeps yur the best

  11. Hot Head says:

    Hi Miley,
    You and Mandy are fantastic and I’m also happy to be a huge Hannah Montana fan.
    I also collect Transformers as a life long hobby of mine so I’m still collecting more of the original Transformers and the re-issues too. Your show on YouTube is fantastic and worth watching. My close friend Carla and her boyfreind Tommy want me to tell you and Emily Osment that you girls are fantastic and talented, they’re laso huge fans of Hannah Montana by the way and they send you and your fellow co-stars their love. Lots of love Aaron xxx

  12. Ally says:

    i so think she is changing, everyone at my school thinks that, and they are also saying in the paper, that her dad is FORCING her to sing! and that she doesnt want to most of the time, especially when she started singing, so she ran away several times! poor Miley!! I pray for you!!

  13. Mandy Jiroux says:

    Hey Miley gurl! I LUV ya bff! U look so pretty hun!

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