Emily Osment DOES NOT Have A Boyfriend!

Hannah Montana star, Emily Osment, spoke to Popstar! Magazine about NOT having a boyfriend. So just stop the rumors RIGHT THERE. Emily says she really likes shy guys. “I know a lot of people expect me to have a boyfriend, but honestly, I really don’t. At this point in my life, its just fun having friends. You can be more free. I’m not stuck with one person; I can hangout with whomever I want. I’m too busy to worry about having a boyfriend. My heart is full. If I get bummed with being single, I focus on other things I have going on. There are a lot of things I’m going to miss out on being on Hannah Montana, like dating. But I know that I’m going to be having experiences that no one else is going to have except me! Eventually I’ll find Mr. Right. I have a thing for shy guys. My personality is totally out there, so I think dating a boy who’s like me wouldn’t work. A shy boyfriend would balance me out!” Emily ALSO said, even though she’s old enough to get her driver’s permit, her parents won’t let her! Wow, how much does that suck!


5 Responses to Emily Osment DOES NOT Have A Boyfriend!

  1. Delaina says:

    Dear Emily,
    You are a real great actor.
    How are you like Lilly in real life?
    Do you ever watch episodes of yourself?

  2. blaine says:

    i dont have a girl friend you can be my girl friend.im 20 years old i am shy

  3. blaine says:

    how many years old you have emily

  4. disneyscoop says:

    emily osment is 15 years old.

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