EMI Loses Deal With Jonas! Europe! Get Ready!


Article taken via www.Joe-Jonas.com. Universal Music Group has struck a deal with Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records to license the Jonas Brothers’ self-titled album for Europe. ‘Jonas Brothers’ will be released in Europe by Polydor Records in June. So all, in Europe! Look forward to it! The album is AMAZING! Max Hole, Vice President of UMG International said: “This band is one of our key priorities for Europe, and we are keen on creating the same phenomenon in the region that has taken hold in the U.S.” Universal Music Group also has distribution rights for the ‘Jonas Brothers’ in Canada and Latin America. The loser in this deal is EMI Music, which missed the chance to extend on its current international distribution deal for the album. An EMI source said: “Someone within the old (EMI) management chose not to pick up the option, I don’t know why they wouldn’t.” HAHAHA, sucks for your company! Get ready Europa! The Jonases are headed toward ya!


2 Responses to EMI Loses Deal With Jonas! Europe! Get Ready!

  1. Kailei says:

    I just really wish nick could come to colorado springs he could be a lot of fun!!!!! oxoxoxoxox nick!!

  2. Jen says:

    Joe, u r so cool. When u came to San Antonio and sang when u look me in the eyes, it reminded me when i first met my boyfriend. it was at cotillion. they paired us up, and it was like fate. we had so many things in common. and then, at the school dance, they played “When u Look Me in the Eyes” and he asked me 2 dance. and then it was like, immediately it became our song.

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