Guys, Miley Has No Friends!


Miley recently told us she was ‘lonely’ and that she didn’t have enough close friends. But over the weekend, Miley was spotted shopping at Fred Segal and driving around Santa Monica with people who look very close to her!



10 Responses to Guys, Miley Has No Friends!

  1. I did not write this.

  2. heyheyhey says:

    i’ll be your friend miley! LOL

  3. julie says:

    “enough” close friends? as long as you have one close friend i’d say you are all set. her and mandy on that new youtube show look pretty close to me.

  4. whats up with this says:

    why is miley always holding mandys hand?and on her utube(lonely) they are kissing each others pictures,this is all to weird

  5. i hate miley says:

    no wonder she has no friends shes annoying and stupid

  6. Clara-Louise says:

    Miley Is Friggin Awesome And Mandy Is An Awesome dAncer Why Would Miley Say She Has No Friends Loads Of People Love Her

    Miley You Rock Hun xx

  7. ryan says:

    who cares yhall are all losers

  8. royel says:

    dis shizzle is gay and retarded

  9. KIMBERLEY*Ox says:

    hey =D

    you seem like a cool person miley
    but you have got to remember the people hu have all ways been there around you and the people or person that you can trust is a true best friend

    i have alot of friends but only two true friends xx

    and dont listen to the retards who are saying that other stuff they are only jelous !

    britainbabe ♥

  10. adriana says:

    thats the price you pay for being uber famous …its kinda depressing 😦
    wat happened to leslie?

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