Owner’s Message

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been updating in a long time! I’ve been swamped with work and school! I just got a job, and I just turned 14 on March 18th! Haha, yay! LOL, okay, so I’ll be updating as much as I can for now in hopes to get all my viewers back! Remember, tell your friends and family about this site!! Haha, I love seeing over 1,000 views a day! Here’s my agenda for a while:

Tonight: I’m going to update a little bit
3/22: I’ll be updating some more, since I’m home, then go to the Jonas Brothers concert! Woo, I’m excited!
3/23: Probably not going to be able to update, but if I can, I definitely will fit it in!
3/24-3/28: School til 3, then work til 6 or 7. Homework right after 😦
3/28: Gonna Update!
3/29: Updating Again!

And I’m going to be adding some more celebrities to the list, so be sure to check out who I begin talkin’ ’bout! Haha! Hope you guys enjoy the site! Now SEARCH, and tell your friends!

OOH! And be sure to add my JONAS BROTHERS FANSITE at www.myspace.com/jbnjlovers!! I add everyone!


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