Owner’s Message

Oh my gosh! Guys, I’m so sorry! I haven’t had time to update. BUT!! When I do!! I’ll be updating MORE THAN EVER!! So be prepared for new stars, info on our favorite stars, info about ANYTHING you could imagine! More news on the Jonas Brothers. What are they up to? On Miley Cyrus, How’s her webshow going? What’s her latest videos? We’ll be showing you all that and more! Like said before, I will be adding a lot more new celebrities. They will range from Lindsay Lohan, down to Kim Kardashian. If you would like to see any particular celebrity, please E-Mail me at disneyscoop@gmail.com! Like said in About, all E-Mails are appreciated, and will be responded to within just a day! I check the E-Mail every day! So, feel free to send me a message! I’m going to be having SPRING BREAK soon! So, I’ll be updating then. Unfortunately; yes, I will be having work then, too! From Nine to Five. Eight hours. Not bad, huh? The other 16 hours, I’ll be updating here! I have Spring Break after the weekend of APRIL 18th!


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