Summer To Remember, hm?

April 4, 2008

 Woo! It’s the day we’ve all been anticipating! Camp Rock is officially going to release to Disney Channel on, June 20! And will premiere to Disney Channel again the following night, and then the 22nd of June on ABCFamily! Guys, I don’t know about what you’re thinking, but I think this is gonna be the BEST summer, EVER! Vacation or no vacation! 1. No school, 2. Jonas Brothers Summer Tour, 3. New Jonas Brothers Album, 4. Camp Rock releases, 5. The Soundtrack released June 17th! That’s one, very hectic, summer for the JB’s! Good luck to them all!


Are They Spazzing Out?

April 4, 2008

Dude, is it just me, or does it look like their spazzing out? I still love Nick, Joe and Kevin, but the director’s… a little odd.

Jonas Brothers Commercial

April 4, 2008

That is the CUTEST commercial I have ever seen. Oh, and when Nick is doing his homework, that girl next to him, is Maya Kibble; his best friend. I love when Joe was ATTEMPTING to drive! Haha!

So, Have You Heard?

April 4, 2008


This is an excerpt taken out of the New York Magazine.

Nick Jonas: At 15, Nick is the youngest Jonas in the band, but he’s the musical leader of the group and will likely rule over Earth once the revolution is complete. He got his start performing on Broadway at the age of 7, with roles in A Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Miserables, so his palace will likely employ actors to perform for his pleasure. His favorite food is steak, so expect the world’s cows to be decimated by his followers’ rapacious desire for meat; eventually, he will sate his hunger with the haunches of his fans. None shall complain. Nick plays guitar and sings lead vocals; he also plays piano on the song When You Look Me in the Eyes. He also has Type 1 diabetes, but this seeming weakness only fuels his burning desire to take over the world.

Kevin Jonas: As the oldest of the Jonas Brothers, 20 years old, Kevin is the one who has reached into the music business in a non-performing capacity, assisting in producing the Brothers’ self-titled 2007 album. Though all Jonases have an otherworldly intelligence that dwarfs the puny intellect of humankind, Kevin might be the smartest; it is likely that when the Great and Glorious Era of Jonas begins, Kevin will be placed in charge of the allocation of resources to the emaciated, enraptured citizenry. His well-documented love of bowling suggests that America’s flattest states, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa, will immediately be paved over and turned into enormous bowling alleys. His Tiffany chastity ring, in addition to being ‘totally rock and roll’ emits a powerful beam of energy that can heal the sick, cleanse the sinful, and scourge enemies from the very earth.

Joe Jonas: As the middle Jonas, at age 18, Joe always hoped to be a comedian, not a musician; even today he is considered ‘the funny one.’ When the Jonas Brothers sweep across North America, laying waste to all in their path, it is Joe who often makes a lighthearted joke putting things in perspective. Nonetheless, Joe is not to be trifled with, as rumor has it he is romancing actress Chelsea Staub, just the first in his eventual harem of the world’s 1,000,000 most beautiful women. When Joe sings, cherubs erupt from his mouth and scatter across the landscape, firing flaming arrows at any wood-frame structure. Joe also plays the tambourine.

Whoever Started This…

April 4, 2008


Okay, so whoever started spreading that Nick Jonas was PAID not to smile… is really, really stupid! Nick loves smiling! It’s just that he’s growing up, and it’s a phase we all go through. Maybe he isn’t happy with his teeth. Maybe he doesn’t like his teeth at all? Well, all us Jonas Brothers fans, know that we love all of their smiles. So here’s a picture of Nicholas Jerry Jonas SMILING!

“Niley” Officially Done!

March 4, 2008


When the BOBW Tour ended, so did “Niley”! Mitchel Musso spilled to Popstar! “She called me and she was like, ‘We’re not together.’ Miley talks to me about relationships. Their tour was over, so now she doesn’t see him every day. It must be hard, you know? He is probably around girls all the time, and she’s around guys all the time.” Apsh, no offence all Miley lovers, but Miley’s ALWAYS around new guys. Mitchel went on: “She calls me and she’s like, ‘He didn’t call me back!’ I tell her all the time, ‘you’re tripping, honestly. There’s nothing wrong!’ But that’s just her being Miley. From what she said, it was just about timing. They have all this time that they’re not together now that the boys are on their own tour.” Na-na-na-poo-poo! Haha! Oh, she’s just being Miley!! Miley also told Ryan Seacrest during an interview at the Academy Awards, in her words, “I got dumped, and I’m staying single dang it!” What do you think?

Joe Jonas Brother Test?

March 2, 2008

Okay, we all know the JB are VERY close. Well, they’re brothers! Brotherly love! But even a cute girl cannot break that bond! When Joe’s crushing on a girl, the girl has to pass ‘the brother test’! Wow,  Joe revealed this test. “If a girl didn’t like my brothers, I’d probably be like, ‘Peace.’ I would give her a peace sign and walk away. My brothers are my boys. How can I be your boy if I cant have my boys?” Hm, that gives advice to all those Joe Jonas lovers!