“Niley” Officially Done!

March 4, 2008


When the BOBW Tour ended, so did “Niley”! Mitchel Musso spilled to Popstar! “She called me and she was like, ‘We’re not together.’ Miley talks to me about relationships. Their tour was over, so now she doesn’t see him every day. It must be hard, you know? He is probably around girls all the time, and she’s around guys all the time.” Apsh, no offence all Miley lovers, but Miley’s ALWAYS around new guys. Mitchel went on: “She calls me and she’s like, ‘He didn’t call me back!’ I tell her all the time, ‘you’re tripping, honestly. There’s nothing wrong!’ But that’s just her being Miley. From what she said, it was just about timing. They have all this time that they’re not together now that the boys are on their own tour.” Na-na-na-poo-poo! Haha! Oh, she’s just being Miley!! Miley also told Ryan Seacrest during an interview at the Academy Awards, in her words, “I got dumped, and I’m staying single dang it!” What do you think?