Zac Efron New Movie Deets!

February 29, 2008

Adam Shankman, the producer of Zac Efron’s new movie, “Seventeen Again” gushed about the, um, god of an actor, to “We have some very funny scenes between him and Leslie Mann from ‘Knocked Up,’ which are off-the-charts funny. But there’s also this big thing with Zac dancing with a lot of cheerleaders that is very, very fun and funny.” Shankman also told about Zac’s maturity, “People are going to be so surprised how seriously great he is in this movie. I’m really proud. This is about a man whose life has not gone the way he wants it to, so he wishes he was 18 again and he gets his wish. And then he’s realizing it’s nothing like he thought it would be. So it’s a reverse ‘Big.’ It has many funny scenes in it as it does heartfelt scenes. Zac has to carry this whole movie as a comedian. But there are some very emotional scenes as well.” Who wants to see Zac Efron cry?


Kissed, Dissed OR Doesn’t Exist!

February 23, 2008

(I took this off of the J-14 March 2008 issue)

Wedding Bells for Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson?

Nick & Miley “Hold On!”
Kissed! ( ugh ! )

Hilary Learns Hockey For Love!

JoJo, Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Love Triangle?
Doesn’t Exist!

Ryan Sheckler & AJ Michalka: Going Out!

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: “We’re Not Too Serious!”

New Couple Alert! Adrienne’s New Reality Show Man (Robert Kardashian):
Kissed! [ by the way, their engaged ! ]

Jason Dolley & Chelsea Staub: Love On Set?
Doesn’t Exist!

Milo Ventimiglia [ sp? ] & Hayden Panettiere Out Of Hiding!

Fergie & Josh Duhamel Engaged!

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley: Canoodling Co-Stars!

Carrie Underwood Compared to Chace Crawford’s Sister!

Zac Efron Almost Skipped A Party Because…

February 18, 2008


Zac Efron is supposed to look great as he does each and every minute of the day, right? He doesn’t get those nasty little imperfections like we do, right? He’s just a perfect god? Wrong! Zac Efron was about to ditch girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens’, little sister, Stella’s, birthday party because of a nasty zit! He knew there was going to be a lot of little girls who looked up to him, and he didn’t want them to be grossed out by his nasty pimple.

Zac Efron’s New Movie

February 16, 2008

High School Musical star, Zac Efron, 20, recently spilled some details for his up and coming movie ‘Orson Welles and Me,’ which he’s playing a teen who gets caught up in the ride of Wells’ Mercury Theater. Zac spilled: “I leave for London in a few days. My character gets swept into this amazing adventure and in a way becomes Orson Wells’ protégé. It is just a very, very fun coming-of-age story. It’s a completely different project than I’ve ever done before. Gosh, I would say, that’s the main reason I’m looking forward to doing [it]. It’s just a side I’ve never really shown before. I think its going to be a lot of color in this movie. A lot of things you haven’t seen before, hopefully. I’m crossing my fingers, anyway.”Hmm. What do you think?